How to get around with public transportation in Stockholm?

Stockholm is a very large town, and because of that it can sometimes be very challenging to reach a new location. However, the great thing about the city is that it provides you with a ton of incredible transportation options.


First, you have the bus lines which are very distinct thanks to their color. You have the inner city blue bus lines, the suburban blue bus lines as well as the service bus lines. The great thing here is that you can find a map with the bus system in each bus stop, you just have to take a picture and you can take it with you. There are dozens of bus lines that cover the city and its adjacent regions, so you just have to figure out where you want to go, there’s most probably a bus stop near your desired location.


Then you have the metro stations. You also have 3 groups of lines here too, you have the blue line that goes from Kungsträdgården – Hjulsta/Akalla, then you have the red lines that goes from the Norsborg/Fruängen – Ropsten/Mörby centrum and lastly you have the green line. This covers Åkeshov/Alvik/Hässelby strand – Skarpnäck/Farsta strand/Hagsätra. A thing to note is that the metro has been called one of the largest art galleries in the world, because there are lots of sculptures, mosaics and paintings.

Suburban rail

You can find three different suburban rail systems and they have eight lines in total. They do help you get all over the city pretty fast and most of them are very lengthy, usually they are over 30 KM in length, with the longest one actually being around 107 KM in length.
Intercity and regional rail
In case you want to get out of town and you want to reach some of the other cities in the region, you can do that. There are intercity and regional rails that can help you go to Gavle, Uppsala and many other locations as well.

Light trail and tram

Although not as popular, this is a very distinct transport method that a lot of people use to get around. You have three light rail lines and a heritage tram line which will help you get where you need to go with little to no effort.


Since Stockholm is located near water, you do have boat transportation. You can easily get to other regions without any hassle and it’s not that expensive.
Airport transport
Stockholm has its own set of airports, which means that you get to move in and out of the city without any issue. It’s very easy to get a ticket and embark on a plane to visit a new region, so you will want to check that out.
Public transportation in Stockholm is very good and you can easily get to where you want to go in just a bit of time. It can be a delightful experience to reach your desired location, so you should totally consider checking out this opportunity, it really shines!

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