5 best budget hotels in Stockholm

While it can be great to visit Stockholm, sometimes you don’t have a very high budget and this is why you may need to cut from the accommodation options. But that doesn’t mean you will be unable to get a good deal. On the contrary, there are many budget hotels in Stockholm that help you acquire an immense and exciting experience, all you have to do is to check them out and the value as a whole can be very rewarding. Here you have 5 of the best affordable options if you want some great hotels in Stockholm.

Motel L

What makes motel L so distinct is that it looks very impressive, it has clean rooms and everything is carefully placed to offer you a great experience. You won’t have to spend that much and that works towards your advantage. It’s safe to say that the outcome can be a very rewarding one, but overall the experience is a stellar one and you should check out this hotel right now.

Colonial Hotel

Most people opt for the Colonial because it’s very close to the railway station, but the prices are very low too. It’s a very good hotel if you want to have large rooms, a great connectivity with local transportation and the experience as a whole is very interesting. Plus, a nice thing to note about this hotel is that it has a very good breakfast too!


This is both a hotel and a restaurant. Despite that, you will get by with a pretty small budget. The interior design is impressive, the location is really good and the value for money is definitely there. It really helps take the experience to new heights when you visit Stockholm.

Hotel Micro

If you just want a minimalist experience as you save money, then the Hotel Micro is a very good option for sure. Stockholm has many great restaurants, but none quite like this. If you want to have some great food, this is one of the best places to stay in the city for sure, so you should totally check it out.

Connect Hotel City

Connect is a stellar place for those that want to visit the city on a budget. It’s extremely cheap but despite that you get plenty of nice accommodation options as a whole and the options are rather nice. The experience is a very rewarding one and that’s what matters the most. Just consider checking it out as there is a lot of value to be had here. The attention to detail is incredible too, and that’s what makes it so distinct.

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