5 best budget hotels in Gothenburg

One of the best things about Gothenburg is that it allows you to enjoy the local experience without requiring too much money for accommodation. Sure, you have some amazing luxury hotels if you can afford them, but at the same time you will also get immediate access to some really inexpensive locations. That’s what we are going to cover in this article, some of the best budget hotels and the experience that they can deliver for you!

Pleasant hotel in small format – Göteborgs Mini-Hotel

Goteborgs Mini-Hotel looks very nice and it has a distinct feel. What sets it aside is the fact that it includes breakfast and the interiors are nicely designed. You even have a good location and the hotel is clean as well. It’s a complete, great and fun experience that you will enjoy so I would recommend this to anyone. It’s certainly right up your alley if you like great hotels at a good price.

Spar Hotel Majorna

Spar Hotel Majorna gives you comfort and quality without raising the price too much. It’s one of the best budget hotels in the region and you will be very impressed with the quality that it can provide. It’s certainly worth your time and you will enjoy the value for sure. Just check it out and you will be very impressed with the outcome.

Hotell Allén

Hotel Allen is good, it delivers exactly what you want and it’s not a very expensive one as well. They do have parking too and the interior is simplistic. Overall, you receive a great value for your money and that’s what matters the most.

Apple Hotel

Great interior design, interesting value and a lot of attention to detail. The food is very good, even though it’s basic, and you will have a lot of fun exploring the experience they deliver here. You should totally try this out, because it gives you a good value for your money and you will enjoy the results quite a bit.

Le Mat B&B Goteborg City

Simple, yet a pleasure to use and it delivers a sheer delight. It’s one of the most interesting and enjoyable experiences that you can have, so you may want to check it out. You will enjoy the great value and the total support they deliver, not to mention that you can access some cheap meals nearby too. It’s a great option for those that want to avoid paying too much! It’s a very good place for sure and you will be very impressed with the stuff they deliver. It’s nice, enjoyable and a great experience.

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