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Tourist Information Offices in Sweden

Norrbotten och Norra Lappland Västerbotten och Södra Lappland Jämtland Ångermanland Härjedalen Medelpad Hälsingland Gästrikland Uppland Stor-Stockholm Södermanland Östergötland Dalarna Värmland Västmanland Närke Dalsland Bohuslän Västergötland Halland Småland Öland Gotland Blekinge Skåne

There are 400 Tourist Information Offices in Sweden, ready to answer any question you may have, however difficult. They will be happy to send you information about their respective communities and their surrounding countryside, sights and attractions. We have listed them by province, with onward links to their local websites and e-mail addresses.

To view the listings, just click on map or on the links below. If you are looking for a particular place, but don't know where it is, click here for an alphabetical listing of Swedish towns with a tourist office.

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Swedish provinces
Blekinge, Bohuslän, Dalarna, Dalsland, Gotland, Gästrikland, Göteborg, Halland, Hälsingland, Härjedalen, Jämtland, Medelpad, Norrbotten och Norra Lappland, Närke, Skåne, Småland, Stockholm, Södermanland, Uppland, HREF="vstrbot2.htm">Västerbotten och Södra Lappland, Västmanland, Ångermanland, Öland, Östergötland

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