Turistbyråer i Halland

Tourist Information Offices in Halland

Tourist Information
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Attention visitors from abroad: Telephone area codes are shown below in the form used domestically. The country code for Sweden is 46 and the lead in "0" of the area code should not be dialled if the call is placed from a point outside of Sweden. Example: If the international access code in your country is 00, you should dial 00-46-31-711 0131 to get the Swedish number 031-711 0131. Links to further information point to the top level page - usually in Swedish - from which further links to information in English may or may not be available.

Region Halland,
Kristian IV: s väg 1:, Box 538, SE-301 80 Halmstad,
Tel: 035-10 95 60, Fax: 035-12 12 37 E-mail: info@hallandsturist.se

Falkenbergs Turistbyrå, Holgersgatan 11, SE-311 34 Falkenberg,
Tel: 0346-88 61 00, Fax: 0346-145 26, E-mail: turinfo@falkenberg.se
Hotell i Falkenberg

Halmstads Turistbyrå, Halmstad Slott, Box 47, SE-301 02 Halmstad,
Tel: 035-13 23 20, Fax: 035-15 81 15, E-mail: info@tourist.halmstad.se
Hotell i Halmstad

Hylte Turistbyrå, Fabriksgatan, SE-314 80 Hyltebruk,
Tel: 0345-180 94, Fax: 0345-173 85, E-mail: tourist@hylte.se

Kungsbacka Turistbyrå, Storgatan 41, SE-434 32 Kungsbacka,
Tel: 0300-83 45 95, Fax: 0300-83 45 99, E-mail: tourist@kungsbacka.se

Laholm Turistbyrå, Rådhuset, S321 80 Laholm,
Tel: 0430-154 50, Fax: 0430-166 42, E-mail: turist@laholm.se

Mellbystrands Turistbyrå (jun-aug),
Tel: 0430-278 44, E-mail: turist@laholm.se

Tylösands web-site

Varbergs Turistbyrå, Brunnsparken, Box 150, SE-432 24 Varberg,
Tel: 0340-868 00, Fax: 0340-868 07, E-mail: tourist@varberg.se
Hotell i Varberg


Övriga landskap / Other Swedish provinces
Blekinge, Bohuslän, Dalarna, Dalsland, Gotland, Gästrikland, Göteborg, Halland, Hälsingland, Härjedalen, Jämtland, Medelpad, Norrbotten och Norra Lappland, Närke, Skåne, Småland, Stockholm, Södermanland, Uppland, Västerbotten och Södra Lappland, Västmanland, Ångermanland, Öland, Östergötland

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