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Map of Sweden

Please allow up to two minutes for the 564 Kb image to load. If the map does not display properly, this is due to
your video card. As an alternative, you might try to click here to view the map without this text. It it still
does not display properly, press the update button in your browser. See below for instructions how to print the map.

The large map of Sweden on this page shows all major roads and lakes and all towns with more than 10.000 inhabitants.
The screen size is 1500 x 3544 pixels so you will have to scroll both vertically and horizontally to view it.
The print size 28 x 94 cm or 11 x 37 in. If you want to print it, we recommend that you set the print format
in your browser as follows:
1. Set the page orientation for you printer to horizontal
2. Set the page margins to the narrowest possible allowed by your printer, e.g. 7 mm or 5/16 in.
3. Blank out any default page header or footer.
This should give you 6 pages in a scale of appr. 1:1 666 666 which you can paste together.

If you need greater resolution and more detail, click on this link to get to Stadskartan AB (City Map Corp.)
The site is in Swedish only, but you can click on the map of Sweden shown on the starting page and
continue clicking your way down to street level for the larger places.

Click here to see our own map of northern Europe with all neighboring countries and some notes for
overseas visitors. Map of Sweden
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