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Map of Northern Europe

Map of Northern Europe

A note for overseas visitors:

Sweden covers an area of 449.964 sq.kms. This is roughly the same as the State of California. The country is about 1.900 kms long north to south and 400 kms wide east to west at the widest point. This corresponds to the US Eastern Seaboard from the Canadian border to the Florida keys. The population is 9 million or 21 per This maps shows only a selection of the towns with >50.000 inhabitants.The capital is Stockholm (area pop. 1,3 mill). Arlanda International Airport is situated half way between Stockholm and Uppsala.

Click here to see our large detailed road map of Sweden (>500 Kb)

A toll bridge between Malmö and Copenhagen opened on July 1st 2000 making it possible for the first time to drive from Germany trough Denmark to Sweden and on to Norway, without taking the car aboard a ferry. There are also frequent commuter trains between the two cities.

Travelling from Sweden to Finland is either north around the Gulf of Bothnia or by 12 hour car ferry from Stockholm (departures at 6 pm daily for Helsinki by Silja Line or Viking Line - or twice daily morning and night for Turku). All Finland ferries go by way of Åland, to preserve their tax free privileges, otherwise abolished in the European Union as of July 1st 1999. Tallin in Estonia has daily overnight ferry from Stockholm by Estline (6 pm).There is at present no ferry between Stockholm and St Petersburg. Göteborg (Gothenburg) has ferry connections to Fredrikshavn at the northern tip of Jutland in Danmark several times per day (Stena Line). Karlskrona has a daily connection to Gdynia/Gdansk in Poland (Lion Ferry) and there is a large number of other daily ferry connections directly from the European mainland to Sweden.

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