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Sights and Attractions in Västmanland

Västmanland is both mysterious and adventurous and its nature is full of contrasts. You only have to travel short distances in order to experience extremely diverse nature types. There are deciduous and fir tree forests, a rich flora as well as fauna of which deer and mistletoe are the province animal and flower respectively. The whole region offers great fishing, golf, sailing, trekking, canoeing. The list is endless.

Västmanland has also played an important part in Swedish history for thousands of years, mainly due to its natural resources. The main resource is iron-ore, which has been mined in the province since the beginning of the 14th century. There is also a number of ancient monuments all over Västmanland, mainly in the form of burial fields but there is also a number of pre-historic fortresses scattered all over the countryside.

Västmanland´s location on the shores of Mälaren entails that the best recreational attractions are aquatic, such as sailing and fishing. You can also take boat trips on Mälaren and make stops on the many islands that decorate the surface of the vast lake like a string of pearls.

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